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The Quickstart Guide to Getting Started on Poshmark

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

So you have some clothes you want to sell? Whether you're cleaning out your closet, or looking to get your flipping side hustle going, here's how to get started in 8 essential tips.

1. Gather, organize & inspect your inventory

Clean out that closet - or stock up on inventory at the local Goodwill! Wherever you're sourcing your inventory from, give everything a wash, a steam and a quick looksie for stains, snags or anything else a customer may find less than perfect. You can always list defected items at a low price, but concentrate on near perfect pieces that will be more likely to sell.

2. Order shipping boxes

Did you know that you can order Priority Mail boxes for free from the USPS? That's right! No shipping and handling fee, either. Even if you're only selling a few items, stock up on a few boxes to keep handy so you don't have to stress once you make a sale.

3. Go to JoAnn's and buy 3 yards of white muslin.

Trust me, you'll thank me later. It's super cheap and it will give you an easy white background so your pictures look clean and bright.

4. Sign up for an account and start taking pictures of your items.

My rule of thumb: at least 3 pictures per listing. And, always give a few measurements: waist, length, inseam, etc.

5. Before you list, do your research.

A little market research never hurt! Check out sold listings to see what's selling and at what price. It's not realistic enough to price your items against what's for sale - you have to look at what prices people are actually paying for items.

6. Upload your listings...and wait to make a sale!

Patience is key. Sometimes things take time. Share other Posher's listings, welcome them to the party, and participate in the daily chats over at the Thrifty Tribe Facebook Group!

7. When you make a sale, congratulate yourself!

You put in some hard work. Now watch it pay off. It's always a good idea + good customer service to get your item in the mail in under 3 days. So package up the goods real good, print your label, and off to the post office you go!

8. Keep a record of your sales.

Poshmark keeps some stats for you, but it's not a bad idea to start your own spreadsheet, especially if you're a thrift flipper. Record your cost of goods, the listed sale price, what it actually sold at, and if you had to pay for shipping costs at all.

Think you're ready? Click here to get started with my exclusive sign up code LAVIEENROSE88 to get $10, just for signing up!

Once you get the hang of it, it's actually a fun hobby to have! You're *almost* getting paid to shop. Now go make Carrie Bradshaw proud and shop to you drop, and then sell until you're...rich!


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