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If You Own at Least 7/10 of These Products, You're Probably a Thrifter

10/10 would recommend thrifting. Who's a thrifter and proud of it?

1. A box of at-home dry cleaner sheets so you can skip the dry cleaners for all those $1 sweaters.

Let's be real - if we were celebrities, we definitely would not be picking up the dry cleaning. But it's 2019 and even though we can't get the technology advancements for zip lock cereal bags (HELLO, Kelloggs??), at least we can dry clean thrifted clothes at home.

Buy it: Woolite At Home Dry Cleaner, 6 cloths.

2. A wide variety of Ikea Frakta bags, because you need the biggest bag possible to cart your thrifted haul out to your car.

The devil works hard but that Ikea Frakta bag after four hours at the Goodwill works harder. Small bags, big bags, and even zip up bags complete our collection of Ikea's best invention.

Buy it: Ikea Frakta Large Shopping Bag.

3. Lavender laundry spray to get THAT thrift store smell out of your beloved new Madewell sweaters.

We ♥ lavender laundry spray just as much as we love binging Queer Eye on Netflix. No other scent gets rid of that Thrift Store Smell™ as well as lavender.

Buy it: Positive Essence Lavender Linen and Room Spray.

4. More USPS boxes than you've been on dates in the last year.

Not all thrifty finds work out, and when they don't, you put them up for sale on Poshmark or Mercari and trade up those too tight jeans for some new thrifting cash!

Get USPS Priority Mail boxes for free. Yes, for FREE.

5. A favorite pack of latex-free gloves, because the first rule of the bins...is gloves.

Even regular thrifting and searching through the racks can be drying. Nothing ruins a kick-ass $5 thrifted outfit like sad, tired hands so do yourself a favor and bring along some gloves next time.

Buy it: Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves 100 pack.

6. A closet full of velvet hangers, because 5 for $5 sales are more like 20 for $20 sales.

Once you discover thrifting, it's hard to not want to buy everything that's under $1. Velvet hangers are definitely an investment but it's worth it if it means you get double the space without having to, you know, move.

Buy it: Amazon Basics Velvet Hangers 100 pack.

7. A cheap full length mirror for OOTD selfies.

Every $5 outfit deserves to be shared with the rest of the Instagram influencers, am I right? Do it for the 'gram.

Buy it: Rectangle Frameless Door Mirror.

8. Your old student ID because there's nothing better than stacking discounts ON TOP OF discounts.

We're putting that overpriced degree to use by earning it back with discounts at the thrift store. Take that, the man.

9. Leather cleaner for those vintage Coach handbags that you're not going to give up on.

Yes, you may become the actual definition of 'elbow grease', but you'll be saving a life. The life of a vintage leather handbag, that is.

Buy it: Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, The Best for Apparel.

10. A really, really good pair of scissors because crop tops don't make themselves.

We all have them - that one, trusty pair of scissors that cuts through cotton, through denim and basically until you're the trendiest one of your IG friends.

Buy it: Singer Heavy Duty Bent Sewing Scissors.

How did you score? How much of a thrifter are you?

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