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How to dry clean your clothes without going to the dry cleaners

Do you ever come across that perfect, dream dress, just hangin on the rack calling your name? And it seems like the fashion Gods have aligned...until you look at the tag and see DRY CLEAN ONLY. First of all, why dry clean clothes when you can take that $7 and spend it on a bottle of wine. Or, you can spend $7 on a ton of dry cleaning sessions and thank yourself for all the money you'll save. And then spend at the thrift store.

Thrifters, please meet the Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner. For under $10 you'll get 14 dry cleaning cloths which can clean 4-5 pieces of clothing for 20 minutes in your dryer.

That's all.

And because you're probably thinking it, no this isn't sponsored. But, if you work for Woolite - hello! We love your product and it saves thrift store clothes lives.

So what are you waiting for? On your next Target run, do yourself a favor and wander down the laundry aisle and grab a box.

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